Board and Consultants

Warren Strange Founding Executive Director
Warren Strange
Founding Executive Director

Warren has over Forty years of experience in the drilling and mining sectors of Western Australia, Africa and Europe, and has established and built several successful companies in Australia and Europe.

Winner of the Goldfields Business and Business Person of the year in 2005 and recipient of a Federal grant for A$1.2 million to develop and manufacture a new drill rig in Australia, Warren’s Australian drilling company achieved world records for drilling production and safety, drilling more than 3.5 million metres without lost time injury between 1995 and 2007.

Warren’s WA drilling company was sold in 2007 for A$27 million to fund geothermal drilling technology and business development and the WA drill rig manufacturing business was sold in 2009 for the same purpose of funding further development of geothermal systems.

In 2014, Warren established a geothermal energy company in Jersey UK to service the markets in Germany, Scandinavia, UK, Asia, India and the Middle East. The company secured geothermal energy sales contracts with the value of more than €300 million, and with future drilling revenue potential of more than €2 billion.

In 2018, the Jersey geothermal group of companies was valued at more than £1.1 billion.

Susan Jardine Company Secretary
Susan Jardine
Executive Founding Director and Company Secretary

Susan has worked in the financial services sector for more than 25 years with experience in financial planning, funds and wealth management, superannuation and insurance industries as well as business development.

She qualified as a certified financial planner in 2004 and worked with some of the largest financial planning companies in Western Australia until July 2019 when she left to pursue her interests in the renewable energy industry.

Susan also worked with Warren Strange in 2012 on geothermal development and commercialisation in Australia prior to Warren taking the technology to Europe.

Susan remains passionate about renewable energy and the potential for baseload geothermal solutions to replace fossil fuel generating systems in Australia.

Paul Smith - Chief Engineer
Paul Smith
Executive Founding Director and Chief Engineer

Paul is a chartered chemical engineer with a broad range of experience gained in gold, mineral sands, alumina, iron smelting and advanced water treatment.

With a proven record in R&D and new technologies, Paul was the lead design and commissioning engineer for the World’s first large scale Magnetic Ion Exchange Process (112 MLD).

Positions have been held in operations (plant manager), design, construction, commissioning and project management. These roles and projects have been carried out in USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Tanzania.

Paul is a specialist in the design and construction of a large range of desalination systems and has previously held Board positions.

Professor Dr Hui Tong Chua FIEAust, FIChemE
Professor Dr Hui Tong Chua
FIEAust, FIChemE
Non-Executive Director

Hui Tong is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Western Australia. He is a Non-Executive Director elected on 7 January 2020.

Hui Tong’s professional interest covers geothermal desalination and geothermal heating and cooling applications. From 2009 to 2011, he was the Aboveground Engineering Programme Leader of the Western Australian Geothermal Centre of Excellence.

In 2019, together with Development WA, he was the winner of the AIRAH HVAC&R Research Excellence Award for their Cool Earth Project at The Vive, Craigie.

Hui Tong also works on other emission reducing technologies. One of his key research achievements is the successful spinning off of his catalytic methane cracking technology, now known as the Hazer Process, as Hazer Group Ltd., which raised A$5 million in their initial public offering on the ASX in November 2015. Hui Tong is one of the original inventors and additional information providers of the Hazar technology.

Rod Williams
Non-Executive Director

Rod has spent over 30 years in Asia working extensively in the energy business with nearly 20 years of that with Rolls-Royce based in Japan, China, India, Indonesia and Singapore.
Over more recent years he has been in a leading role in geothermal power project development in Indonesia with a major international joint venture.

This role included overall project management responsibility. He then moved into business development for an international geothermal drilling company given his extensive knowledge of the market throughout Asia.

In April 2015 Rod joined a new geothermal development company in Indonesia with overall responsibility for Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

In 2017 Rod moved to Jersey in the Channel Islands to take the position of CEO for Strada Global. Rod took the lead on the geothermal project development business with particular interests in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, East Africa and India prior to the company being taken over by oil and gas interests.

In April 2019 Rod returned to Indonesia and has continued to work in the renewable project development area.

Rod is a graduate of the University of Sheffield in the UK with an Honours degree in Mathematics. He will take an executive role in GWE as we draw closer to project implementation start.