Good H2 Darwin is a fully owned subsidiary of Good Water Energy Limited.

GWE has a mission to produce commercially sustainable green hydrogen from emission-free, baseload, renewable energy and desalinated seawater using tried and proven patented systems to access baseload geothermal heat resources.
Good H2 - animated hydrogen transport truck

GWE has plans for the distribution of green hydrogen and electricity to the Australian automotive and road transport market by green hydrogen bowsers and electric car charging stations installed on major highways and in cities throughout Australia.

Good Highway Pty Ltd will be registered as a hydrogen and Electric vehicle recharging station chain and will buy hydrogen, electricity and zero emission water from Good H2 production facilities for resale to the public and road transport market.

Green hydrogen produced at the Darwin project will be transported by road to the hydrogen and electric charging stations established between Darwin and Alice Springs and potentially to mining operations where green hydrogen can be used as a zero emission, lower cost fuel for mining transport and electricity generation.