Our Mission

Australia must become more responsible, cleaner, sustainable and independent.

Presently there are no producing geothermal power or water plants in Australia.

Australia’s emissions of carbon dioxide during the past 25 years have risen at almost twice the world average rate (CSIRO analysis).

Australia has 0.32 per cent of the world’s population, yet produces 1 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions. This means that, per person, pollution levels are 3 times the global average, just below the value for the United States. On average, each person in Australia now emits more than five tonnes of carbon a year, while in China the figure is only one tonne per year.

According to the Department of the Environment and Energy website, Australian households are directly responsible for about 20% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions – more that 18 tonnes per household every year.

The Water Crisis

Australia is one of the Earths driest inhabited continents and most cities in Australia are classified as being the driest cities in the world.

Due to chronic water shortages, water restrictions have been in place for many years in the cities and regional areas.

Australia is a major food exporter and this water shortage impacts our agricultural industry.
Droughts restrict allocated water for irrigated agriculture.

Fresh groundwater reservoirs are being depleted and desperately need re-injection programs using clean, uncontaminated fresh water.

Coal powered, very expensive electric desalination plants are being installed in an attempt to reduce water shortages but they are adding to CO2 emissions, increasing plastic waste and increasing the cost of water production.

Outback Australia

The Solution

Good Water Energy’s zero emission geothermal energy and desalination plants will distribute renewable electricity, green hydrogen and water through existing networks directly to your home, business or Industry.

Our clean zero emission distilled water can be distributed to industry by private pipeline and to the public via State owned networks once de-regulation finally provides for a private company competitor producing, lower cost, zero emission water solutions, thereby preventing further depletion of our valuable groundwater reserves.